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The Bunker


The bunker of Eperlecques is the biggest bunker in the north of France, witness of the 1939-45 dark age, from 1939 to 1945. Open to the public since 1973 and listed "Ancient Memorials" in 1985.

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The V1

By visiting the Eperlecques bunker, you will discover an authentic launch pad with its V1 ready for takeoff. 

From June 1944 to March 1945, 22,384 V1 were mainly sent on England; 10,492 just on London.But 11,892 also on Liege, Antwerp and some on Paris after the liberation by the allies. Many simply got lost and fell at random "we estimate around 59% only reached their targets".

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The V2

The site of Eperlecques was chosen to build the 1st completely autonomous V2 rockets launch site

The V2 was designed at the experimental station of the German army at Peenemünde thanks to the German engineer Wernher Von Braun. Then the V2 was mass-produced in factories

The letter "V", used usually in the sense of "Versuch" (prototype) means here Vergeltung, that is to say "reprisals".

Indeed, V2 was launched in answer to allies bombings.

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The Tallboy bomb

The Tallboy bomb fell during bombings on Eperlecques: 

On june the 19th 1944, 17 Tallboy bombs fell. It provoked an enormous crater of 30 m of diameter and engendered such shakings and vibrations in the compressors groups foundations that the decision was made that 3 groups compressors already installed had to be defused and evacuated. 

On july the 25th 1944, 15 Tallboy were launched by the RAF. One of  them fell on the roof of the Bunker. The impact is visible on the North side.

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The Disney bomb

In January 1945, a sign would warn the inhabitants of Eperlecques about the danger you were exposing yourself to during theEnglish and American's bombing on the blockhaus.

« Do not cross this limit, if the red flag is hoisted, bombing is coming, the area within a 500m radius is dangerous. » (According to Marcel Delaplace : Aerial activites in the sky between Watten and Eperlecques and above the region, 1939-1945)

The R.A.F. And U.S.A.F.'s missions : to try out new bombs. The bombs's trials went from the 3rd of February to the 18th of July

In January 2009, the Civil Security's bomb-disposal experts are on the blockhaus' roof. A security perimeter is set up,

The Disney bomb was invented by Captain Terell from the Royal Navy.

Designed to destroy hard-surfaced building, she would fall from 20 000 to 5 000 feets, height where its electronic ignition propeller was activated to reach the impact speed of 720m/s (which is more than Mach 2)