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bloc gauche

In the heart of a wooded park, posted with sounds and images

bloc centre

The German secret weapons, the first step to the space conquest

bloc droit

A memorial place,
real and moving

The visit

To visit the Eperlecques bunker, please allow 1h15-1h30. Within the heart of Eperlecques forest, mix LEARNING with STROLLING and combine useful with pleasure.

The visit is done via sound points and for 10 people at least, you can book a tour guide

The sound points are available in the following languages:   drapeau1.png

Audioguides are available in the following languages:    drapeau2.png

The visit is available in sign language logo-surdite.png

The bunker's park is wheelchair accessible when with someonelogo-pmr.png

Your dog can come with you but you must have a leash logo-chien.jpg

To prepare your visit with your pupils,an educational file is at your disposal;
You can book a guide to accompany you and develop important facts of the bunker's history.

The guided tour adapts to the pupil's age (from 8 years old)

Dossier Pédagogique